The Power Of The People Is The Force Of Life — Tribute to the George Jackson Brigade

6 min readJun 17, 2022


*Had this as a feeling for a while, its almost impossible to write down but this was my attempt on my feelings of the motto of the George Jackson Brigade

How are we alive and conscious and made up of star stuff?

What is consciousness, how and why did it occur, why am I alive, why is anything alive in the universe?

For you to be alive now, trillions of drifting atoms had to somehow assemble in an intricate and curiously obliging manner to be you in particular, had never existed before and will only exist this once. Trillions upon Trillions of cells, chemicals, elements and other products of unfathomable history lead up to the evolution of our consciousness, why?

Evolution yes but with a historical ideology, we know that matter can exist as consciousness and translate into matter again, this is how we process our world with our 5 senses then act on them to change matter in our world — the placement of other collections of atoms into physical objects and move them through time and space which will again change the consciousness of others; Marxism observes this as the base affecting the superstructure.

The fact is, that enough history had happened for deeply dense collections of matter of all sorts and it materially was enough enough for amino acids, DNA to occur which was birthed out of it’s environment so when it came to growing, it was surrounded by the same things that produced it, so when coming in contact, it would absorb and grow from it.

I think of how when we eat, if our body demands growth or repairs to our muscles, we eat protein to repair and grow it. But this protein can be the muscle of a cow previously, so in a way, is it was consciously as another formation of matter, you are eating the muscle of a cow and that part of muscle goes to your muscle and becomes a part of you.

So that was actually the opposite scale of what I wanted to get at — so the contradiction is that but on a small scale: quantum mechanics essentially where the same process of particles combining and splitting occurs.

These are the processes that go on all the time because we live in a dialectical reality, the only alternative would be that there was not any life. That the forces — the inconceivable forces that lead to life did not happen. That is the dialectic and that is not the case!

There is life. We are it! The products of everything we needed to be to exist. Nothing has the power to deny this is the reality. The reason can only be because it must be.

Even after we’re taught to believe humanity will destroy all of life, life will likely survive and I know that it will always seek to be enough to exist — but that last statement was idealism because I could not predict the universe.

We’re talking about life, we’re talking about survival and we’re talking about the universe. This wasn’t a subjective, or objective analysis, this is neutralising the contradiction, this is the truth.

There can be no universe without life. There was life before life existed on this planet, because life did occur from the material reality that had occurred and nothing can or will ever change this — that is determinism but only because of the existentialism, the degrees of events that cosmologically turn our neurons in our brain that simulates our consciousness into nothing but a nano-event but we can still see this universal truth.

We need to survive. We’ve come so far. We’re free from determinism from one big bang and it’s phyical forces but only because it determined our base for us to give rise of, in the same way our brain needs our unconscious organs to have a degree of autonomy and we can control our body to move consciously, the universe needed consciousness to ever have a big bang. Or it would have been an event with new characteristics but it wasn’t. This is reality.

The universe needs us to surve, or we are wasting the night sky, we are wasting the marvels of shapes, patterns and powerful wonders that exist in space — all of it. We’ve collected so many elements in our bodies… we’re made of literal space stuff, things that could only exist from a star exploding.. We have got to a point where we resemble what the universe is made up of — we take it’s proteins, calciums, elements and literary forms of energy and that gives us power. The power to burn to move our bodies to thrive. The calories (formations of previous collections of life-force/structures — think of dinsoars as oil or fish for food) that give us power to move objects so that we can exert less resources to enjoy our time alive more.

So when you’ve got capitalism coming along against billions of human beings, collections of majestic products of the universe, history, googolplexes of events, cells, other lesser lifeforms dying to keep us alive just being wasted when we could be living as best as we can find out then we have to fight back.

The body you have is the universe’s power and you manifest it’s potential to change history as we know it.

So when you have millions of liberal brains using their bodies to oppress, kill and torment other life you are going to see resistance. You see resistance in the form of firearms yeah, but what are those firearms? They are again, a collection of untold extensions and conversions of energy and matter from conscious thought made up of the compression of energy enough to cause explosions and shit. But they’re all deluded enough to think that they genuinely are doing the best thing — so their force of life kicks in and goes even more out on the death and destruction.

Meanwhile the products of the universe, not some ideological tainting of capitalist liberalism and just the last shitty bullshit humans have been doing to each other over probably the last 20 thousand years because conditions were so violent they had no time to think, study our needs and what our needs are not: we do not need war, we do not need reasons to aggravate conflict out of people, we can instead of putting trillions of calories a year from human labour, we could easily build what we need to all flourish so that life can flourish so well maybe human bodies will spread one day in their atomic and bodily form as a super nutritious base away from the planet, like pollen from a plant: planet.

We’re living in the moment where the universe is fighting back against death and we will eliminate the contradiction of class war via class: exploiter and exploited. Because the fact is, unlike an atom necessitating being made up of three particles called protons, neutrons and electrons, humans don’t need class or oppression to exist. We need it to become extinct though, i’m sure.

We didn’t need to be naked and exposed to the outsides living in caves competing with all sorts of creatures, risking our lives and some of us dying hunting or just existing for all this time. But the universe demands all of these conditions so only the most conscious of reality can make good decisions to prolong the existence of consciousness, the force of life.
For us to not exist on planet Earth but earth to be what it is, is to say you could have a human without a brain. Because the material body needed to be created before the consciousness could grow, like us as fetus and the Earth being blasted by space sperm.

The historical material product and make-up of the universe (aka reality) is life. You are that life. WE are that life, because we are the people and we are one.

Take back the power that is taking yours. The power to travel, learn, grow, do nothing, feast, love, to be free.

The power of the people is the force of life.




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